'Maoz Center' provides integrative therapeutic solutions, by combining various types of
methods – verbal, movement, touch, imaginary and more.
In 'Maoz Center' we believe that people are social beings, composed of various layers
that work the best when in integration. These layers are: Mind, Body, Emotion, Cognition
and Belief. Since in some cases those layers are not integrated, the therapy in 'Maoz
Center' is looking at all these layers simultaneously, for better integration, in a suitable way
for each patient.
Integrative therapeutic solutions allow for profound and quick results for the patients, both
within themselves and in relationships (like: in classrooms, parents-children relationships
and more).
In 'Maoz Center' treatments are available for children, teens and adults, both personally and in
group setting, in Hebrew or English.
The 'Maoz Center' is located in Modi'in and managed by Michaela Maoz, Psy.D.
Michaela Maoz, Psy.D.
PsyD - 'Professional School of Psychology', Sacramento, CA. U.S.A.
Body Psychotherapist –Elbaum Center, and Group facilitator – 'The Israeli Center for Integrative
Group Consoling', Wingate.
A member in the European Association for Body Psychotherapy (EABP) and in the Israeli
Association for Body Psychotherapy (ILABP).
Provides supervision for Body-Psychotherapists and Group facilitators. 

050-7516279                     מרכז טיפולי מעוז                    Michaela.maoz@gmail.com
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